Why Use A Mortgage Broker?


An independent mortgage broker has the advantage of working 100%  in their field so instead of selling numerous non mortgage products we are laser focused on you and your mortgage. When making one of the biggest financial decisions of your life doesn't it just make sense to speak to someone who dedicates their life to knowing all of your options! 


As a mortgage broker, I work for you and only you! You will receive quick, timely dedicated support and care through the entire process, whether it be simple questions or helping you from start to finish on your first home.


Most people when looking for any big purchase whether it be a camera, a car or a cell phone carrier will look at as many option as possible, so why not find out the fullest scope of mortgage options available to you. A mortgage broker has lists of lenders who are all competing to be your loan provider. Since a broker works independently we have the freedom to find the best option for you! 


As a mortgage broker who is not a bank employee I have the ability to help you anywhere, anytime whether it be in person, on the phone or online! I would LOVE to meet you in whichever way suits your life best.


Why use a mortgage broker?

YOUR lending institution will only advise you on their own product. You could visit every institution out there, one by one if you had time......

Or, you can talk to talk to a mortgage broker who will shop for the best mortgage for you from all available lenders including many you would not usually think of on your own. 


Are there fees for your services?

NO! There are no fees on conventional mortgages as we receive payment for placing the mortgage from the financial institutions, however, in some circumstances lender/broker fees may apply.

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